The comparator of secondary schools in South Moravia serves primary school pupils in deciding which secondary school to choose for further study. We present information about all South Moravian secondary schools clearly, uniformly, and in one place. The service is provided by the JCMM in cooperation with the South Moravian Region and secondary schools.

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Guidance for foreigners

The South Moravian Region promotes the integration of foreigners from all countries into our society. The Czech law makes a distinction between citizens of the European Union and those of the other countries. Activities in the South Moravian Region are conducted with regard to this distinction; therefore, please select the group you belong to. Then you can proceed with choosing the services you need.

For now these services are accessible here. 

We are at the beginning of cooperation between us and the Centre for Foreigners in the South Moravia Region and we prepare  information for you.


Support for EU citizens in the South Moravian Region

Support for foreigners from countries outside of the EU